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All charges are baseless.

Oath Chart Of Nitesh Kumar: What Stars Foretell ?

Nitish Kumar has not sought his resignation. After resigning from his post, Kumar said, "I tried my best to save the alliance. I did not ask for anybody's resignation. Tejashwi met me. I only asked for an explanation on the charges against him. It became impossible to work in this environment. This is the call of my soul.

Astrologers Check Modi's Stars to Offer Advice to New Prime Minister - The New York Times

I spoke to Rahul Gandhi ji. I wanted to save the alliance.

Sushil Modi Threatens To Sue Rahul Gandhi For Defamation - ABP News

There are questions about someone inside the government. I could not answer for him. Some astrologers are betting on Modi, but not all of them. Most conclude that no party will win hands down. He says "so be prepared to see a major and a unique political contest of our times". There will be some surprising and some shocking results. It is not going to be so easy for the BJP to form the next government", he said.

Lalu & family invoke gods, seek astrological remedies to tide over ‘difficult’ times

However the same astrologer got the recent Madhya Pradesh results horribly wrong. He had predicted the Congress victory in MP. He says that this time he won't be wrong. According to some of his close aides, he makes crores of rupees during every election. Be it Assembly or Parliament. Only a few astrologers are betting on the Congress or Rahul Gandhi. The AAP has no takers among the astrologers. May be because AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal openly criticizes the astrologers saying that the people decide the outcome, not astrologers.

On a website www. If the BJP is to form a government in the centre it will have to be through the method of a 'coalition'. On its own, it may not be able to gather enough numbers and will need the support of other smaller political parties as its partners.

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Even after forming the party, BJP will have to struggle very hard to keep itself in power and the coalition partners in good humour". He has analysed the horoscopes of both BJP and Congress.

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Commenting on the Congress he writes "Congress will spring some surprises too. The leadership will face many challenges both within and outside the party. In comparison to the results of elections in the 4 states, Congress will pull itself up and improve its performance considerably". Commenting on the Congress he says "Congress is in the Jupiter - Mercury vinshottary dasha phase. Mercury is not in any Rajyog. According to the placement of planets and transits Congress seems far from power for few more years". On the chances of the Third Front he says "the horoscope of all the major politicians of third front is not available. I don't have birth details of Mamta Banarjee. The planets of Nitish Kumar and Mulayam Singh do not seem strong. Mayawati seems supporting the next government by any means. She does not seem performing very well.

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The party of Ajit Singh will also not perform very well. But Aam Aadmi party seems showing her presence in the parliament". He makes a slightly detailed analysis of the BJP. And coincidentally both are coming in the new Vinshottary Antardasha. Ketu is coming in the Antardasha of India for four months. Ketu is too mysterious planet. Ketu is placed in the seventh house of India. The lord of rashi in which ketu is placed is mars. Mars is placed in the second house of "Kutumb" and Maraka fatality. Many things will happen totally unexpected.

There is also possibility of emergence of any new name for Prime Minister Ship. Many unexpected and unpleasant incidents may happen after 6th may for sure. Bhartiya Janta Party is coming in the Jupiter Vinshottary dasha from 6th may Though Jupiter is too much afflicted but this fact cannot be ignored that Jupiter is the tenth lord also. But there is a chance of emergence of a new name also unexpectedly because of Ketu.

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Sushil modi astrology

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