Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020

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September Love works best when you keep it simple and be your real self. September A missed opportunity is back for you to take a second chance. September A love match could prove stronger than either of you expected. September If you are single, a Leo could have fun and passion to share.

Venus & Uranus Love Surprise+ Halloween Scorpio New Moon Preview! Oct 6-12 2019 Astrology Horoscope

September Your vivid imagination is a gift and you can inspire anyone. September In passion you are adventurous and a new partner will match you. September Jupiter luck focuses on a talent you share with friends. September You are adventurous in ways that surprise yourself — and a partner. September Now you know who you can trust — and this is the moment to act. September The closest bonds in your life deserve to be celebrated.

September Family loyalty feels faded but underneath a bond is strong as ever. September You begin to feel a new strength and stability in your self-esteem. September Willpower, opportunity and pure luck are your gifts from Mercury. Follow The Sun. Your Sun Sign in. News Corp WSJ. This is a better day for making adjustments to our expectations and plans than for definitive action.

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You can certainly have and enjoy company today, but the fewer expectations you have for this, the better. There is some tendency to misjudge our capabilities today, dear Libra, and knowing this can help prevent problems and moodiness. Poor planning or missed communications may mix up your schedules and plans, and relationship and family needs may seem to clash.

This is a time for adjusting and resting before pushing forward. Whims experienced now are unlikely to have holding or staying power. With the Sun and Venus forming minor challenging aspects today, dear Scorpio, your focus can waver, and energy levels are likely to drop. For you especially, you could be misunderstood or you could encounter a problem that requires fixing before you continue. It may be best to plan on a small break or change rather than entertain sudden whims if they seem to take you far off course.

Otherwise, there is good energy for creative activities and recreation if these can be managed. You can experience some restlessness today, dear Sagittarius, as you toy with a desire for something out of the ordinary. Defining that may be difficult, however! In some ways, today is good for playing things by ear, and changes in plans can stimulate new approaches and ideas. This is an excellent time to deemphasize the ego and material world and to tune into your imagination, although you may fight these urges initially.

Be open and willing to look at matters from a positive perspective, but keeping things realistic is also important. You can make some exciting detours and discoveries if you keep an open schedule and mind today. Relationships and moods can suffer today if there are too-high expectations, dear Aquarius, with a couple of minor but challenging aspects that point to the need to regroup or make adjustments. Take things slowly when it comes to making decisions, as all the details may not be apparent yet. Tomorrow, the Sun enters your sign, and several things are likely to clarify.

Pulling back and considering your options is preferable for the time being. It can be difficult to discern whether desires run deep or are only superficial whims.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

A fresh or new approach can keep you engaged now, and if there is space left for surprises, all the better. Aim to make adjustments and enjoy the moment just for now, and matters will clarify in their own time. Above are astrological event highlights for the day. Full Horoscopes are at Cafe Astrology. The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle.

This is a good time for making or nurturing emotional connections, sharing feelings, and connecting with our imagination, warmth, compassion, and sensitivity. We might concentrate on home, family, and domestic matters now. Nurture others and also the self.

Decan 1 Scorpio Horoscope October 12222

There may be clinging or controlling behavior if we are driven by our fears. Hypersensitivity and moodiness are possible. Tread lightly with tricky emotional issues. We can be a little stiff with our emotions, and we can be distracted from our work or focus. There can be difficulty expressing tenderness, concern, or care.

We can overreact and exhibit impatience. However, this can also be a time of self-motivation. Our need for challenges and action is stimulated now, but we may not find the right outlets. Love relationships or feelings can be unsettled. Try to relax and not obsess, and show restraint. There could be a realization that is disappointing or depressing, a feeling of limitation, or an experience of being blocked or thwarted now. There could be a lack of warmth and sensitivity experienced now, and self-protectiveness.

This is a feel-good time if we allow ourselves to relax and tune into the subtle aspects of life — art, nature, beauty, dreams, and spiritual realms. We absorb things easily, our senses are in good form, and we more naturally accept things and people as they are. There is no need to look for definite answers right now.

This a time for dreaming rather than important decision-making. Initiating, pioneering energy. Independent, bold, courageous, assertive, fiery, inspirational, direct, decisive.

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Can be egotistical, impulsive, impatient, aggressive, lacking subtlety. Nurturing, protective, tenacious, emotional sensitive, watery, strong roots. Can be overly protective, unwilling to let go, timid, reclusive. Inspiring, broad vision, enthusiastic, goal seeking, truthful, adventurous.

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Can be reckless, unrestrained, tactless. Disciplined, responsible, reliable, industrious, conscientious, practical, achieving.

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Can be pessimistic, overly conventional, rigid, materialistic, callous. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. We are especially in touch with the physical world. We can be cautious, practical, and possibly unimaginative.

Daily Horoscopes: September 30, 12222

We are deliberate and can pace ourselves well. We need hands-on experience and are not impressed with theory as much as we are with results. Routines are tolerable and comforting.

scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020 Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020
scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020 Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020
scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020 Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020
scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020 Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020
scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020 Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020
scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020 Scorpio daily horoscope january 19 2020

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