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1. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

The number of love opportunities next to single cancerians this month looks very good. Love life in the neighborhood and even in the educational environment is really fertile.

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But the Cancer can only enjoy everything available to him if he really opens himself to it. If you keep an idealized image based on the perfectionism of the person you want by your side, you will lose the chance to be with many people who could bring you joy beyond your imagination. Try to act more on the motivation of the heart than on reason now.

Romance & Love Horoscopes: The Astrological Weather

Even without finding the right person for you, opportunities are at your doorstep and partners will be attracted to the Cancer. Adding that to a bad judgment, you can be led to not so pleasurable love adventures.

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With the influence of eclipses on the Cancerian, there will be some transformations in your concepts, and with the influence of Venus on your sign until the 16th, your aesthetics will be different and you will make changes such as your way of dressing. This is a great chance to refresh and renew your self-esteem. We will also have another event near the 24th, when the planet Mars will move just to its sign. Your energy and sense of well-being will be increased, and your friends will tend to call you more out. Enjoy well and just be careful not to overdo it.

The earning possibilities remain high and the inflows may be really strong now. Two eclipses should mess things up a bit in the financial world now. The solar eclipse tends to affect your finances, which will force the Cancerian to rethink his strategies and change some of his plans. It is possible that his initial plans were outlined from a shy perspective that did not take into account their true potential. If this is the case, it is time to look ahead and review your investments as a true successful person would. Aim for what you really deserve, not just a consolation prize.

Why All Sensitive Cancers Need To Let Go Of Their Unrequited Love

It also creates an opportunity for partnerships and business with the partner. These joint ventures can be very successful if all is well respected — especially after the 22nd of this month. The Cancerian is on one of his annual financial spikes, and it will certainly make a difference in boosting his business. To professional investors, the food and child-related areas look very promising now. Do more research in these sectors and try to spot some good investment, but be careful if you do not master this segment well.

Entertainment, energy and utilities should also be on your radar. These are also interesting sectors for those looking for a new job opening. Even those who may be experiencing problems in this area will eventually see this positive increase in health — even if it is in some milder strengthening. One of the most important points this month in cancer health is stress care and overeating in general.

Cancer Love Compatibility

Its sign will be under the influence of two eclipses which, even though they appear to have a more benevolent character, can cause some problems to the most careless. Positive as they are, eclipses are always stressful events that tend to drain your energies as well as the world around you — the solar eclipse of the beginning of the month should not act differently.

This should bring some progress and transformations especially in your self image and personality. Some of you may be more likely to make deeper renovations as aesthetic surgical interventions.

Love Advice for the Cancer Woman

Be a little careful how far you are willing to go in that direction. Our horoscopes are entirely designed and written by talented and experienced astrologers. At any time of the day, read your Free Daily Horoscope for today and tomorrow , and use astrology to explore your future. Advice in Love, Career, Wellness and Mood will help you make the right decisions and seize every opportunity that comes knocking.

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  8. Explore every Zodiac Sign. Find out the real personality of a Leo , a Gemini or any other sign. As a result, you will learn a lot about yourself and you will find it easier to understand the reactions of the people around you. Ruled by the Moon, they make great parents, and can be selfless when it comes to making sacrifices for their families. Cancerians are also shrewd judges of character, and give useful advice. They are quick to offer a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on, followed by a warm hug. A kind, caring Cancerian is a blessing in times of crisis.

    Cancerians love food, and spoiling the people they love.

    Love and Relationship Guide

    Family comes first with Cancerians, but even when they have little or no family of their own, they will create a family atmosphere with their friends. The trouble is that they tend to get addicted to the role of nurturer, and find it hard to let go when loved ones need to stand on their own feet. Make sure you know when to step back as well as forward, because things get really ugly when your mother love turns to smother love.

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