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I keep adding to this set of Vedic astrology lessons bimonthly, and it is becoming a complete learning course in astrology. Feel free to email me with suggestions and feedback in improving this material. I could not have written these articles, nor progressed in Vedic astrology, without having studied with my Jyotish guru Hart de Fouw.

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Introduction to Jyotish: Vedic Astrology. By Brent BecVar, M. The Difference Between Jyotish and Western Astrology Jyotish is distinctly different from what we think of as astrology here in the West. Share This Article. Section: Mind-Body Health. Topics: Health and Wellness. Brent BecVar, M.

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Vedic Astrologer, Chopra Center Educator. At the moment of our first breath we draw this energy of the ascendant into us and it brings with it the energetic stamp of the various astrological phenomena of that moment, sealing our horoscope into our chakras and the aura. From this moment forward the transits of the planets in the sky will interact with the planets in our horoscope like a complicated padlock combination that slowly unlocks our karmas from previous lives in an ordered manner.

Likewise if the ascendant is strong and supported then the person can easily wield the power of his horoscope. A learned astrologer can help the native remedy this situation by taking proper measures with mantra, yantra, tantra, puja and sacred observations or austerities. A good astrologer will also help the native understand which powers in the natal chart are the most ready to serve the native and which powers will simply be too difficult to use effectively.

A house is a place where people dwell and act, and depending how they act they may even effect the people in the houses around them.

I think this is actually a more accurate term for understanding what the houses actually are. Though the planets do indeed move through the signs in the sky, as far as your natal chart is concerned they are fixed in place and even their transits will be completely colored and changed based on which house they occupy in your natal chart.

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Thus the planet, at least for the native, remains inseparable from the house itself. Even in the natal chart the planet will be incapable of giving results without the traits and qualities of its sign of occupation. In such a way should the basic concept of houses be understood. The first house is always the rising sign, the ascendant. There are many schools of thought as to how to arrange the other houses, but in traditional vedic astrology we use an equal house system wherein each house is equal to the zodiac sign it occupies.

Thus if he degree of rising is 10 degrees Taurus, then the entire first house occupies all of Taurus, from degrees. Then the second house would be marked as the second zodiac sign Gemini in this example , the third house would be the 3rd sign from the ascendant and so on until all 12 houses have been assigned to the twelve signs.

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The arrangements of the signs and planets in these houses will be the determining factor in how your karma unfolds throughout life. The lunar mansions are present even in western tropical systems of astrology, but nowhere in the world to my knowledge do they play such an important and pivotal role as they do in vedic astrology.

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The basic concept is that the Moon is our immediate intercessor between us and the planets and stars in the sky, and all planets have to pass in a manner of speaking through the moon and its orbit to interact with us. These stars are designated into 27 groups each with its own peculiar power and attributions similar in nature to how the zodiac signs are grouped, and this results in 27 specific regions of the sky that act like magnetic barriers of sorts between us and the planets.

Thus the rays of the planets have to pass through these nakshatras to interact with us and in so doing they take on the qualities of that nakshatra and administer it to us.

A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology

Thus the planets are not only colored by the zodiac sign and the house that they are posited in, but are also similarly effected by the powers of the nakshatras. In reality there are many more forces at work in modifying the qualities of a planet that the learned astrologer must take into account, but for the novice reader these three influences of sign, house and nakshatra are sufficient to give a basic understanding of the concepts at work. One of the most unique traits of vedic astrology is its emphasis on actual prediction of events, as opposed to the more psychologically oriented character readings done by many western astrologers.

While Vedic astrology is also quite adept at investigating the personality of an individual, it excels at determining actual karma and the events that unfold from such karma. The dashas represent various methods of arranging the life of the native into a series of astrological periods ruled by either the planets or the signs.

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