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While this is only one myth of the origin of Virgo, she is seen throughout all manner of myths. In Egyptian mythology , the time when the constellation Virgo was in the sun was the beginning of the wheat harvest, thus connecting Virgo back to the wheat grain. Virgo has the equivalent sign in Indian astrology as the Kanya which also means "maiden" , and has even been connected with the Virgin Mary.

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This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. You are likely to double your efforts on the academic front and gain. A decision taken by you is likely to prove excellent for the organisation you are working for. An outstanding payment given up as lost may be received. Efforts on the health front promise to keep you fit. Truce is likely to be called in a family disagreement. Extra income is likely to beef up your bank account.

Proficiency at work is likely to suffer due to your own relaxed attitude.

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Steps taken for keeping fit may help you enjoy better health. You are likely to bestow love and care on a family elder. Prepare well for a journey, as hardships are foreseen en route Shifting to a better place of residence is indicated for some. Your willingness for work is likely to make you the favourite of superiors. Your initiative on the financial front may be partially successful. You may resolve to follow a specific diet and benefit. A utility item that you were planning to buy is likely to be gifted. Progress on the academic front will remain satisfactory.

Competition on the business front may bring out the best in you. Professional worries are likely to mount for some. Health remains satisfactory through your own efforts. Homemakers may take up the task of home improvement. Love Focus: You may get reprimanded by spouse or a family elder for something that you have done. A vacation is on the cards and may prove to be a welcome change from the daily grind Returning a property loan can pose some problems. You will achieve much more clarity of thought on the academic front and perform well.

Your diligence and hard work on the professional front is likely to pay. An outstanding amount awaited for long may materialise soon.

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Steps taken on the fitness front will start giving encouraging results. An ancestral property is likely to be sold for a handsome amount. Excellent showing on the academic front is indicated and will help in getting your self-esteem back. Your keen interest in a work project may bring you into the notice of those who matter. This is the time to consolidate your gains on the financial front.

An official journey may be thrust upon you. A property issue that was settled can be challenged once again. Academic excellence may bring the spotlight on you and line you up for something prestigious. Efforts on the health front promise to keep you fit and energetic.

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You will need to be judicious in your spending. Love Focus: A scintillating time on the romantic front is preordained, so enjoy your heart out!

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Some of you are likely to shift residence to another location. A property is likely to come into your name. Those not faring well on the education front must tighten their belts, if they want to enjoy a smooth ride.

Success is foreseen for those trying to come back in shape. Those in business will find things brightening up on the financial front. On the work front, you will reap rich dividends even by putting in least efforts. A family celebration will prove most enjoyable. Love Focus: Someone is likely to win you over by his or her simplicity on the romantic front. If you are travelling on a vacation, expect the journey to be interesting.

You are likely to enjoy excellent health by eating right and remaining active. Hiked fee or rate may compel you to take some hard decisions on the financial front. You may waste time today in waiting for an appointment with someone important on the professional front. Love Focus: You may feel scared in committing on the romantic front, so give it some more time.

You may focus too deeply on something and neglect other subjects on the academic front.

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  • Something that you have accomplished on the academic front will come in for praise. Some of you may find other avenues for earning. Workable solution suggested by you to a problem encountered on the professional front will be roundly appreciated. Your fitness may leave much to be desired. Love Focus: Lonely hearts are can miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime on the romantic front, if they are not quick enough!

    A short trip is on the cards and may prove quite memorable. High rentals may discourage some from shifting residence to someplace decent. Meeting friends is on the cards today and promise much joy. Your health turns for the better. Financial stability can only come, if you start cutting corners.

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