Zodiac cancer compatibility with cancer

Who Wants Cancer’s Devotion?

Cancer ♋ and Cancer ♋ Compatibility, Love and Friendship

She listens to her heart more than her mind. But once a man succeeds in winning her heart, this beautiful woman will love him unconditionally, however, she will step on the brakes and drive away from him when she continuously feels neglected and her love unreciprocated. Cancer Man is the most sensitive among the zodiac signs due to the influence of its planetary ruler, the Moon.

He is capable of gauging the feelings and thoughts of another person. People who are overly assertive and friendly during the initial meeting turn him off, because he prefers to know someone at his own pace. Crab may appear icy outside but deep down he has a heart that is always willing to give and help. He guards his emotions really well and only opens up to people he trusts. Our male Crab is looking for true love, the kind that will sweep him of his feet and last a lifetime.

Best match for him is someone who can cope with his frequent mood swings and shower him with affection. When in love, he is capable of subtly manipulating the feelings of his partner causing the other to feel smothered. His partner must be someone who will be able to tone down his controlling tendencies and encourage him to lighten up a bit. Cancer people comprehend the world through their feelings, making it one of the most challenging sign to get to know.

Cancer & Taurus

This couple will be able to understand all the emotional complexities they were born with, because they fall under the same sign. When two people think and feel exactly alike, we can expect a relationship filled with mutual understanding, acceptance and respect. Both being Water signs, they are sensitive to the needs of each other so these two can tell what needs to be done without having to ask. No guessing games, because their thoughts and feelings jive.

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They must learn to curb their clinginess because it can cut them off from the rest of the world. This couple must learn to give each other enough space so as not to restrict their individual growth. Balance between their lives in and out of their private circle must be achieved, in order for their relationship to last long. Good thing is, mood swings will not be that big of an issue because even their moods are in sync. So when one feels down, the other will just go with the flow.

When in love, both are attentive and loyal to each other so their relationship will go a long way even straight to the altar. We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

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Gemini compatibility. Leo compatibility. Virgo compatibility. The Crab is the water element sign and the Bull is the earth sign; because of that, they seem to have the same viewpoints, goals, and requirements in life. Together they can make a marriage work as both are naturally compatible. In love, these two zodiac signs share a strong connection on both emotion and physical level. With just a look, each can get the other inside and out — this helps strengthen their bond as the relationship solidly grows.

They empathize and accept the other for who they really are and love them from the bottom of the heart. So, when they get married and share a home, both are likely to focus on how to form and maintain a stable, loving family for their future children.

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  6. Despite all the differences in personality traits and lifestyle, the Crab will have such a big advantage in marriage if the partner is the Bull. Both should spend time to learn little and little about each other. When the Cancer completely feels secured around the Taurus, they will become more open up.

    The key for a long lasting relationship of Cancer and Taurus is — they always express their appreciation for one another as well as willingly complement the other with no embarrassment. In case they have a difference on a certain matter, one of them will quickly make up for the shortcoming.

    If you are a Cancer and wonder if Taurus is your best match in marriage, the answer is absolutely yes. A relationship of Cancer and Pisces is all about pure love and how to keep that love last forever.


    Since they know the other very well, they can do anything together without conflicts; even two involved individuals feel proud of this relationship. Among other zodiac signs, Cancer and Pisces seem to have the best love compatibility based on their compatible individual traits.

    Gifted with the incredible intuition, they can feel the emotions of each other well. Having too many similar characteristics on the birth chart — for example, both are sensitive, emotional, intuitive, loving, and compassionate. The person born under the Cancer sign is vulnerable. Thus, they tend to look for a life partner that will not try to hurt them, provide the security, and also encourage them to be more open…and all they need is Pisces.

    Instead, both take quite a long time to determine whether the other is trustworthy and worth the investment. However, once the trust is established, both Cancer and Pisces will put each other on the first position and never do things that could hurt the other one. In general, when Cancer is paired up with Pisces, we will have a natural couple. This is true, blissful love in which the two involved have no limitation to protect the one they love.

    Guess what? This passionate pair will bring out an adventure mood of a sensitive, reserved Cancer. Even though they have quite a lot differences, both still work hard to end this relationship with a solid marriage. While Scorpio approaches love with a great intense, Cancer shows the other their appreciation.

    However, as Scorpio loves mystery, the Crab will surely keep everything fresh and unpredictable. The combination of two highly sensitive water signs will create a perfect match with the ideal compatibility rate. Cancer and Scorpio cannot get along well with others; however, they seem to be very comfortable when being together. Of course they may be cautious at the first time since these two are the type that does not trust easily.

    Until they feel the comfort and security from each other, they will then take the relationship to a higher level. Generally, Cancer and Scorpio have the potential to form a long-term marriage. The only weakness of these two is that they wrap themselves too tightly in their own shelves. Lack of trust sometimes smothers them; this is not good if both fall in love with each other. A Scorpio likes to chase, and getting to know about a typical Cancer man will help the lady win his heart with ease. This is in fact a strong and powerful union that can balance well between passions and desires.

    The longer they spend time together, the love they share will grow bigger to the point that nothing can weaken or destroy the bond as well as connection between them. Regardless all the differences, they always try to empathize and understand each other. The conflicts between a Cancer and a Scorpio will happen but not really cause an impact to their relationship. For the single Cancer-born individuals, Scorpio is truly the person that you should spend your life with. The moment you pair up two Cancerians romantically, they will form an emotional, intuitive, and full of love relationship.

    What is special about the Cancer-Cancer match? This duo takes love seriously and devotes everything deeply to one another. They will become endlessly loyal if falling for someone. When finding the true mate, both Cancers will take time learning about the other in and out.

    Since Cancer is the home person, they find great comfort and satisfaction when being in a committed relationship with the one they love. Sympathetic, faithful and caring, the marriage of Cancer and Cancer will last endlessly without any conflict. They will support each other to focus on making a sweet home and build a strong foundation to the family.

    Undoubtedly, it is the utter devotion from both sides.

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